Tactile Countryside Collection


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The Countryside Sensory Collection allows you to create a colourful and fascinating play area that stimulates children’s creativity and imagination whilst allowing them to explore new shapes and textures. Basic elements – tree, meadow, grass container and 2 fences – are made from lacquered board and MDF. Other individual sensory elements purchased separately (flowers, animals etc.) are made of safe lacquered plywood and have different textured fabrics to enhance the sensory features.

Suitable for children aged 3+

Pack 1 contains: 4x Apple with smooth PVC coating.
Dimensions: H140 x W135mm

Pack 2 contains: 

  • 1x Bird (Long feathers) H160 x W175mm
  • 1x Squirrel (Fluffy fabric) H245 x D245mm
  • 1x Mushroom (Smooth PVC) H225 x W195mm
  • 1x Bird Feeder – can only be used on the tree (features cut out hole) H355 x W310m

Pack 3 contains:

  • 1x Hedgehog (Rough rug fabric) H230 x W360mm
  • 1x Cat (Short fur fabric) H265 x W295mm
  • 1x Hen (Long feathers) H220 x D210mm

Pack 4 contains:

  • 1x Cockerel (Long feathers) H295 x W285mm
  • 1x Sheep (Rough fur fabric) H355 x W310mm
  • 1x Rabbit (Short fur fabric) H325 x W315mm
  • 1x Snail (Spiral milling in hard wood) H160 x W210mm

Pack 5 contains:

  • 1x Sunflower (Diamond shaped milling in hard wood) H295 x W220mm
  • 1x Tulip (Smooth PVC) H180 x W165mm
  • 1x Flower (Fluffy fabric) H140 x D135mm
  • 1x Flower with pattern (Fluffy fabric) H140 x D135mm
  • 1x Blueberry (Wood texture) H155 x W135mm

Pack 6 contains:

  • 2x Small Grass (Rough grass floor covering) H130 x W220mm
  • 2x Big Grass (Rough grass floor covering) H110 x D330mm

Left picket fence: Sensory elements (not included) can be magnetically attached to the left fence panel.

Right picket fence: Sensory elements (not included) can be attached to the right fence panel. H685 x W975mm

Meadow: Up to 5 sensory elements (not included) can be magnetically attached to the meadow. H556 x W946mm

Tree: The tree is a freestanding unit with a ball track (entry and exit point) and also a cotton pocket for sensory play. Up to 7 sensory elements and the Bird Feeder (not included) can be magnetically attached to the tree. The case at the back of the tree is made of laminated chipboard with a ball track inside, entry is on the one side of the case and the exit is on the other side. H1335 x W350 x D875mm

Grass Storage Container: Ideal for storing all your magnetic sensory accessories (not included) and up to 3 sensory elements can be attached to the front of the unit.

*All packs of the individual sensory elements can be magnetically attached freely to the basic elements (only the bird feeder in pack 2 needs to be fixed to a specific location – on the tree).


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