Training and Development

At SensoryPlus, we are committed to supporting our customers long after the purchase of their sensory equipment.  

Our work within sensory over years has provided us with the knowledge to create superb environments, but without the understanding of the solutions that these rooms provide, we would easily have overlooked some of the more useful aspects of these environments.  

We work with a number of Occupational Therapists to provide these solutions and to ensure that our product range is suitable and appropriately engaging.

We also now work with a very special OT, Eve Barrett Baines, who has agreed to provide a range of services which we are now very proud to offer as the following training courses.  Eve's experience covers a wide range of conditions - please see her website to find out more about Eve.

Below are our current training courses.  If you need any more information than is shown on our individual training page, please do get in touch.


Level 1 Training - SensoryPlus Awareness Days

Join Eve and the team on a day designed to help you and your team understand the principles of sensory processing theory.  We'll focus on how to get the very best out of your sensory resources, help you understand the concept of providing a sensory diet and give you the chance to see some of the latest sensory innovations.

This is provided over a full day, with three speakers over five sections.  Every attendee will take away a better understanding of the importance of sensory provision, fundamental best practice and practical tools to put this into effect.

Duration: Full Day (6 hours including refreshments) Certification included.

Location:  TBC - Locations will be announced soon


Level 2 Training - Sensory Room Introductory Training

Our introductory 2 hour training session is usually provided FOC following the completion of an installation.  We also make this available as a refresher training course for existing SensoryPlus and Non-SensoryPlus Sensory Rooms.

This provides training on the safe and correct use of sensory equipment, including maintenance and essential best practice.

Duration: 2 hours

Location: Your Sensory Room


Level 3 Training - Sensory Processing Awareness and Making practical and effective use of your Sensory environment

We want to help you to get the very best out of your Sensory Environment.  Understanding Sensory Processing is critical to achieving it.  Through the course of this session, you will begin to understand the potential impacts of sensory processing differences and learn how sensory stimulation, particularly related to your environment, can make a real impact.

Duration: 4 - 4.5 hours

Location: Your Sensory Room


Level 4 Training - Sensory Room Introductory Training + Sensory Processing Awareness including Sensory Environments Best Practice

Our Level 4 training session offers a full day, incorporating our full Level 2 and Level 3 courses.  Provided over the course of a full day, this course will help you to understand every aspect of your sensory environment, including maintenance, room control, best practice, and above all, how your environment can be used to the very best level for your users.

Duration: Full Day (6 hours - refreshments not provided)

Location: Your Sensory Room


Level 5 Training - Sensory Processing Awareness with Dementia / Autism / Learning Disabilities Awareness Training

Another full day of intense sensory learning, this time very specifically geared towards the specialisation required for the users that are involved.  This includes the full contents of our Level 3 course, plus specific focus given to staff working with users with dementia, autism or learning disabilities.  We will contact you to confirm which is most relevant to your requirements upon ordering.

Duration: Full Day (6 hours - refreshments not provided)

Location: Your Sensory Room


Level 6 Training - Bespoke Training Packages

Eve can work with you to create tailored courses that are pertinent to your requirements.  While this course cannot be purchased online, we are certain that we can provide a cost effective and bespoke training course for you.

To enquire about out bespoke training packages, please contact us or enquire via our live chat.

Duration: Varied

Location: Your Sensory Room


Level 7 Training - Training Review/Refresher

An additional training course scheduled for six to eight months from your initial training course.  This course will embed the best practice taught in earlier courses.  This will also address any issues that may have arisen over that time, so we can make sure you are getting the very most of our your sensory environment, over the long term.

Duration: 3 hours

Location: Your Sensory Room