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Counselling Directory

Why choose Counselling Directory?

Counselling Directory only lists councellors and psychotherapists who are members of a recognised professional body or those who have sent them copies of their qualifications and insurance cover.


The National Autistic Society

The National Autistic Society champions the rights and interests of all people with autism by working with local and central government bodies


The Disabilities Trust

The Disabilities Trust offers leading-edge personal care, special needs education, rehabilitation and specialist housing. They offer high-quality, innovative services to: children and adults with autism.

People with an acquired brain injury:

Adults with a profound physical disability:

Adults with a learning disability:


Hirstwood Training

Richard Hirstwood founded 'Hirstwood Training' and his fun approach and extensive experience are based upon nearly 30 years of practical knowledge - giving him the insight into what works, and more importantly, what doesn't, in multi-sensory practice. He was one of the innovators of multi-sensory rooms in the 1980's in the UK. He is the co-author of the 'Practical Guide to Multi-Sensory Rooms' and has had work featured in many books and publications. He is also the author of most of the papers on his website.

Regular 'hands-on' sessions with children and adults in a variety of multi sensory rooms, and more recently with iPads, enables him to maintain this level of excellent practice. To date he has inspired early years practitioners, teachers and therapists across Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Australia and the Americas.

Richard believes that the multi sensory  approach is a fun and flexible way of meeting the diverse learning styles he encounters when working with children and adults with additional needs. Sensory approaches to learning can help you meet those needs and Richard will show you how to do this expertly!


AFL Training

For over thirty years Judy Denziloe has been working in the field of play and leisure for disabled people of all ages.

Judy believes that disabled people have the right to access a wide range of interesting and enjoyable play and leisure activities that are appropriate to their needs, abilities and interests. If you agree with that, you may like to have a look at her website!

Judy provides training for groups of parents, carers, volunteers and staff to help them consider the importance of play and leisure in their lives and some of the challenges they may face when they are trying to offer the same opportunities to disabled people, particularly those with profound multiple disabilities and complex needs.   


Positive About Autism™

Positive About Autism™ is a training company providing Workshops on autism. The training is active, visual and fun and reflects the positive style and positive philosophy. They also run some Special Events.  


Tree of Hope

Tree of Hope endeavours to provide assistance to families of sick and disabled children trying to raise money for specialist medical surgery, treatment, therapy and equipment. As a small charity, funds are limited, but we do everything we can to help you achieve your fundraising goals.

The process starts with a telephone or email application from the parent/carer/guardian of the child in need of assistance.

Call 01892 535525 or email or visit their website for more information


Ask an Autistic

A Blog to put forth questions and receive input from autistic followers.