The Soul Project

Operating as a ‘Multi-Sensory’ company often introduces SensoryPlus to some of the hardest working, most devoted people it is possible to meet; inspirational, courageous individuals and groups simply brimming with enthusiasm and ideas.

One such concept breaking new ground and led by one of the many contagiously energetic ‘can-do’ people SensoryPlus encounter is The Soul Project in Walthamstow, run by Steve Barnabis, the founder and visionary behind the idea.

Using his many years of experience working in various social and local government roles, Steve has created a community provision designed to provide support, advice and facilities to local families under one roof.

By coupling first class advice, support and care programmes with premium play facilities the Soul Project intends to remove the social barriers prevalent in Government funded initiatives and schemes to make these essential services more accessible, relevant and crucially, widely used.

At the heart of the new project is the Tumble In the Jungle play area, comprising of the best new thinking in Soft Play and Adventure centres. Providing a priceless opportunity for children to learn and exercise and for families to bond in a fun environment; a central element of The Soul Project’s ethos. The Tumble In the Jungle was designed, manufactured and installed by SensoryPlus’ sister company Kirton Playworks and is already proving enormously popular.

Complimenting the Soft Play area and as a key part of The Soul Project’s rounded, multifunction provision is a Sensory Relaxation Room. Featuring bubble tubes, music and fibre optics, the room is a terrific way of promoting relaxation and learning and can be accessed and enjoyed by all.

The fact SensoryPlus, as part of The Kirton Healthcare Group, was a turnkey supplier for the whole installation proved appealing to Steve Barnabis, helping to ensure a co-ordinated approach.

“Working with the same company, having liked what both SensoryPlus and Kirton Playworks had to say and their approach to their respective assessments, made a lot of sense for us. Both parties worked hard to co-ordinate the design and installation and were supportive throughout the development.”

Speaking on the project, SensoryPlus Product Manager David Payne commented on the growing reach of Multi-Sensory equipment,

“Over the past 3-4 years the increasing acceptance of ‘Multi-Sensory’ approaches is staggering. The inclusion of a Multi-Sensory room alongside a Play Area in a multi-functioning project like Steve’s in Walthamstow is another glowing example of this phenomenon. Mainstream schools, nurseries, play centres, there appear no boundaries to the application of Multi-Sensory equipment. It may have taken 25 years, but the wider world is beginning to grasp and accept the potential of this equipment to address a host of needs.”

Now up and running, The Soul Project is fast becoming a beacon of new thinking and best practice and it is testimony to the growing reputation of SensoryPlus that Steve entrusted his dream to the company.

“I’m extremely happy with the products supplied by SensoryPlus, the room is proving a great resource and useful for the families that use our service, both young and older children. Only last week I recommended them to a local Church group who were planning a similar project.”