We are now offering leasing services to schools, where the equipment is delivered or installed and payment is spread to be paid monthly, quarterly, annual or even termly. Supported by Funding4Education, we provide leasing that suits your school's needs.

Why consider leasing as a school?

Leasing is a great way for schools to obtain the equipment they need, in order to provide the very best education experience for their students, without using up the much needed capital budget. Leasing is a highly recommended solution for schools who are looking to acquire any kind of equipment. Even the Department for Education recommends* that schools use leasing to procure their equipment as opposed to purchasing it outright.

For many schools the thought of leasing can be a daunting process and it doesn’t help when most leasing companies supply a universal “one size fits all” agreement aimed at the commercial marketplace. Schools have different  requirements to a business and should be treated as such.  Funding4Education work with over 3500 schools who trust our product
and service, and who stand as testament to our commitment to the education sector.


Getting the desired sensory environment

Leasing allows schools to think in terms of what they need as opposed to what they can afford. In almost every case, a schools’ needs are far greater than its capital budget will allow. By using a specialist education leasing facility, a school can acquire the equipment they need, when they need it, without compromise. The school can also ‘tailor make’ their own payment programme to suit their budget, so projects no longer have to go on hold until the new budget is available. With options such as our deferred payment programme, teachers and pupils alike can start benefiting immediately from new equipment months before a payment is made. Ask one of our specialists about our bespoke programmes.


Capital Budget

A school wouldn’t dream of paying salaries or utility bills three years in advance, they pay for them as they derive the benefit. The same goes for leasing equipment, it allows you to pay for it as you use it. This also releases the burden on the capital budget, allowing it to be put to good use within other areas of the school.


Making forward budget planning easier

Schools and their Business Managers like “financial certainty.” They don’t like unexpected surprises. As the payments are fixed for the duration of the agreement, it makes for accurate forward budgeting and planning. Funding4Education's unique education leasing facility provides the school with complete peace of mind. The all-encompassing payment can, if you wish, include installation, service, software and warranty which vastly reduces administration and the need for multiple agreements. The agreement covers for every eventuality, maximising efficiency and minimising downtime. A monthly, quarterly, annual or even termly payment. That’s all there is to it.


Schools Lease Because... It provides protection against obsolescence

A leasing programme provides for continuous equipment upgrades. Cash purchases don’t. And as schools continuously have to update their teaching environments to provide their pupils and teachers with the very latest technology, there’s no better way to protect against obsolescence. Schools who pay cash are on their own when they want to get something new. Your leasing programme facilitates upgrades and often the schools regularly get new, better equipment with little or no increase to their monthly payment. It’s this flexibility that makes the school’s decision easier and safer. They never need to worry about being lumbered with obsolete equipment.


Schools also lease because...

It’s easy to add on as demands grow

Leasing is extremely flexible and it’s easy to add more of the same product, options, features or whatever. Equipment add-ons are easy anytime during the lease term. Your leasing programme lets the school add-on no matter how small the cost of the additional items. It will all be included in one monthly payment. There really is no better way to help your schools meet their ever changing needs.


To discuss leasing options, please email us at info@sensoryplus.co.uk and we will take your query from there!


* Leasing and subscirption services from school equipment by the
Department of Education - https://bit.ly/2rNWRY9