Bubble Tube Plinth Seats


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Available in a range of colours, the Bubble Tube Plinth helps protect the base of the bubble tube and provides a safe surface for sitting or leaning on to enjoy your bubble tube. 

Add mirrors behind your bubble tube plinth to increase the visual effect of the bubble tube.  For mirrors integrated with the plinth, try our Portable Plinth with Mirrors.

For special sizes, please contact us at info@sensoryplus.co.uk for pricing.  Our standard sizes are Single, Large, Double, Portable and Corner.

Our Bubble Tube Plinths are supplied in waterproof Caflex vinyl.  Please select your preferred colour option when placing your order.  If you require different colours for different sections of the plinth, please contact us after placing your order.

You may also be interested in our Bubble Tube Beany Polo or our Soft Plinth with Inset Switches for use with cabled bubble tubes.


Single Bubble Tube Plinth: 60cm (w) x 60cm

Large Bubble Tube Plinth: 100cm (w) x 100cm

Double Bubble Tube Plinth: 122cm (w) x 122cm

Portable Bubble Tube Base with Mirrors: 60cm (w) x 60cm (l)

The mirrors help to increase the visual effect of the bubble tube.

Corner Bubble Tube Plinth: 122cm (w) x 122cm

All our upholstered products are Fire Tested to BS5852 ignition source 0,1 and 5 and all of our plinths are manufactured to 450mm high with an internal clearance of approx 350mm (though other dimensions can be manufactured to suit).


During the COVID 19 Global Pandemic we here at SensoryPlus based in the UK and complying with all UK guidance and restrictions where put in place have experienced significant delays in both our supply chain and ability to work safely. We thank all consumers who have contacted us for updates for their patience during this very difficult time and we are now working as fast as we can on the backlog of both online orders and our manufacturing process.

As a lot of what we do is bespoke and designed to last for many years with high levels of build quality this may take a little time and we would encourage anyone seeking clarification on their order to contact us for further updates.

Thank you once again for your understanding, stay safe, stay well and together we can beat this.


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