Cabled+ Bubble Tubes


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Our brand new range of cabled Bubble Tubes is now known as Cabled+.

Cabled+ Bubble Tubes are designed for use with switches to allow direct interaction, either by plugging in a switch directly, or connected into a plinth with switches built in. 

Our Cabled+ Bubble Tubes offer fantastic visual effects right out of the box in a standard passive mode.  However, through the use of our Sensory Connect Controller (available separately) you can now have access to colour controls and our new Rainbow mode.  

Please note that this interactivity is limited to latching colours on and off and resuming passive mode.  For greater interaction, including additional colour programmes, MLTP (momentary, latched, switched and pulse switch activities) and sound-to-light, please see our Ultimate Bubble Tube Range.

Our Cabled+ Bubble Tubes are available in 1m, 1.5m and 2m heights.

Don't forget your BCB Fluid.

Please note that our integrated bubble tube base plate is now manufactured in high quality HDPE plastic and is currently only available in Black.



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